Human Trafficking Prevention Workshop

2023-03-22 | Victim Services

Human Trafficking Prevention Overview. A comprehensive overview of Human Trafficking.

Happy International Womens Day

2023-03-08 | Administration

Join us in celebrating International Women's Day and acknowledging the women leaders in our communities that continue to break through barriers while being the example that many of us look up to.

Moose Factory Office Closed March 8th 2023

2023-03-07 | Administration

Due to Hydro One’s scheduled power outage

Our Support and Prayers to Pikangikum First Nation

2023-03-02 | Political Office

Words cannot come close to describing the loss experienced in the fire that occurred in the community of Pikangikum on February 22, 2023.

Join us in Celebrating 2023 North American Indigenous Athletics Hall of Fame Inductee Jonathan Cheechoo

2023-03-02 | Political Office

To this day your journey continues to amaze and inspire all First Nations of North America.

Grand Chief Alison Linklater on Leave March 1st 2023 to March 31st 2023

2023-02-27 | Political Office

As the Grand Chief of Mushkegowuk Council, I am informing all members I will be on leave due to health reasons. The roles and responsibilities of the Political office will continue with the Deputy Grand Chief, Rebecca Friday and Executive Director, Irene Linklater.

Condolences to the Community of Attawapiskat on the Passing of Tenured CEO Wayne Turner

2023-02-27 | Political Office, Attawapiskat First Nation

Since 1990 Wayne Turner was the innovative Chief Executive Officer that successfully guided the Attawapiskat First Nation Administration and Operations.  In monumental eras such as the Victor Diamond Mine, Wayne was a primary source of confident leadership his office and community could rely on.

Heartfelt Condolences to the Family and Friends of Edmond Edwards from Fort Albany First Nation

2023-02-23 | Political Office, Fort Albany First Nation

When an elder passes, our communities feel the heartache and sorrow. A man who devoted many years of work to the Mushkegowuk territory.

Mushkegowuk Grand Chief Alison Linklater and Kashechewan First Nation Chief Gaius Wesley Express Equitable Health Care Concerns at Parliament Hill

2023-02-07 | Political Office

The morning of February 7th, myself along with the Kashechewan First Nation Chief Gaius Wesley demanded to be included in the discussions between the provincial, territory, and federal governments regarding the Canada Health Transfer (CHT).

Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs Demand Seat in Health Funding Deliberations at Parliament Hill February 7th

2023-02-05 | Political Office

It is disturbingly obvious to all Omushkego that Health Care in our communities has decayed into a hollow service incapable of delivering the aid that it claims to provide.

Prayers and Condolences to the Wabano Family and the Community of Weenusk First Nation

2023-01-31 | Political Office

It is with great sorrow that we extend our support and thoughts to the Wabano Family and the Community of Weenusk First Nation.

In Support of Those Affected by the St Marys Indian Residential School in Kenora

2023-01-19 | Political Office

The Omushkego People extend our support to the families that continue to endure the intergenerational trauma created by the St. Mary’s Indian Residential School in Kenora located on Treaty 3 Territory.

Sexual Violence Consultation and Sharing Information Session

2023-01-17 | Victim Services

Open House free to members to come meet and greet.

Application Call for Omushkego Womens Council

2023-01-10 | Political Office

We are seeking a representative from each Mushkegowuk Community.

2022 Christmas Greetings

2022-12-23 | Political Office

During the holiday season we often reflect on memories of events that define us as individuals and as family.

Condolences to the Family of a Great Leader and Friend Chief Mike Carpenter

2022-12-21 | Political Office

Through extremely challenging times for the community of Attawapiskat Mike steadfastly lead his people with a dedication that is second to none.

New Federal Gun Legislation A Threat To Omushkego Nation Hunting and Harvest Rights

2022-12-16 | Political Office

For as long as we exist, the Omushkego will need access and use of various types of guns and other tools for our traditional sustenance purposes.  Our Omushkego values and customary harvesting practices includes teaching our children the purpose and safe use of firearms.

Massive New Investment Announced to Support Indigenous-led Conservation and On-going Stewardship in Territory

2022-12-07 | Lands And Resources

As COP15, an international biodiversity conference, kicks off in Montreal, Mushkegowuk Council welcomes a new transformational investment by the Government of Canada and international and national philanthropic donors to support Indigenous-led conservation in the Territory.

Rest in Peace Peter Archibald

2022-12-01 | Political Office

Mushkegowuk Council would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Peter Archibald on his passing, as well as to the community of Taykwa Tagamou.

Moving Forward Health Summit 2022

2022-11-24 | Health And Wellness

In response to the deteriorating health services of the region the Moving Forward Health Summit will compile advice from community delegates selected by each First Nation Chief and Council.  The summit is intended to provide a platform for community members to extend their recommendations at the regional level.

Condolences to the Faries Family

2022-11-23 | Political Office

David Faries was a guide that many of us looked to in challenging times that required inspiration when it was hard to come by.

Remembrance Day 2022

2022-11-11 | Political Office

Everyday we are most thankful for your bravery and cherish the sacrifices you made for the freedom we enjoy.

Rest in Peace Joseph Henry Mathews

2022-10-27 | Political Office

Condolences to the Mathews Family and his home community of Peawanuck and Apitipi Anicinapek Nation

Call for Applications for Regional Elder

2022-10-18 | Political Office

The Elder would provide wisdom and advice on all matters affecting the Mushkegowuk First Nations and would be required to attend and participate in the Council of Chiefs meetings.

Omushkegowuk Youth Treaty Conference October 25th to 27th 2022

2022-10-07 | Nation Rebuilding Initiative

The Conference will aim to provide learning opportunities associated with the spirit and intent of the treaties, the history of the treaties, traditional approaches to treaty-making, the relationship between the treaties & governance, and the relationship between treaties and healing

Human Trafficking Awareness Events Hosted in Attawapiskat

2022-10-05 | Victim Services, Health Services

Community resilience, needs, training modules and awareness in Human Trafficking in our communities and abroad.

Congratulations Newly Elected Fort Albany First Nation Chief Elizabeth Kataquapit and Council

2022-10-03 | Political Office

To the newly elected Council congratulations and we look forward to working with you on the advancement of our people.  Good luck in the term ahead!

Celebrating our Resilience this Truth and Reconciliation Day

2022-09-30 | Political Office

We would like to extend warm greetings to our Nations and Indigenous people across the world on this important day.

Advisory to Mushkegowuk Members in Timmins Area Regarding Hunting Enforcement Action by MNRF

2022-09-27 | Political Office

As Grand Chief, I was made aware of an incident that occurred this past weekend between four (4) Mushkegowuk Members and Conservation Officers of Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF), resulting in two (2) of our members being charged with provincial offences.

In Mourning and Support of James Smith Cree Nation

2022-09-08 | Political Office

It is with profound and deep sorrow and heavy hearts that the Mushkegowuk people have watched and heard about the tragic events unfolding in James Smith Cree Nation and surrounding communities.

Health Crisis Forces Mushkegowuk Chiefs to Declare State of Emergency

2022-09-06 | Political Office

Health care services within the Mushkegowuk (Weeneebayko) region have been rapidly deteriorating and are in a very serious and dangerous situation. This has resulted in the Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs declaring a State of Emergency.

Mushkegowuk Nations Mourn the Passing of a Great Leader and Friend Chief George Hunter

2022-08-30 | Political Office

After several major achievements in his life time and completing his God – Creator given duties on earth, Chief George Hunter has now begun his journey within the spirit world.

Severe Shortage of Primary Care Nurses in Kashechewan First Nation

2022-08-26 | Political Office, Kashechewan Cree First Nation

A severe shortage in a number of primary care nurses at the nursing station in Kashechewan First Nation is having an impact in the health care of the residents of the community.

Restorative Justice Logo Design Contest

2022-08-26 | Administration

The Restorative Justice Program is seeking a logo design that symbolizes our services amd will be featured on all our promotional material.


2022-08-24 | Political Office

The 36th Annual General Assembly is Scheduled for September 13th to 15th in Moose Cree First Nation!

Draft Election Code Amendments

2022-07-19 | Political Office

Draft Election Code amendments for community review, consideration, and suggestions


2022-06-15 | Political Office

The Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs have announced their support for the Matawa First Nations Chiefs and Councils in ensuring a strong Regional Assessment for the potential Ring of Fire mining development. The commitment was made after a joint meeting held in Toronto, June 14, 2022.

Condolences for the Family of Late Greg Koostachin and the Community of Attawapiskat

2022-04-11 | Political Office

It is with love and great sadness that Mushkegowuk Council sends our condolences to the family and many friends of Gregory Koostachin, and especially to his beloved wife, Mary. Greg was a long time supporter and elder/advisor to the Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs and Mushkegowuk leadership.

Grand Chief Statement on Papal Apology

2022-04-04 | Political Office

The papal apology was a way for the Catholic Church to acknowledge and address the widespread abuse, degradation, and violence suffered by children while they were incarcerated in Canada’s nation-wide Residential School System (a system that was in continuous operation until 1996).