Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness Team

Angela Collins

Primary Care Manager

Annie Baxter

Crisis Intervention Traditional Counsellor

Arielle Nakogee

Fire Keeper Patrol Worker

Bernard Chokoomolin


Gertie Linklater

Regional Mental Health and Addictions Worker

Gilbert Tomagatick

Mental Wellness Administrative Assistant

Jamie Alisappi

Jordan's Principle Coordinator

Jane Frapporti

Executive Assistant

Janis Wabano

Acting Director

Jeremiah Sparks

Fire Keeper Patrol Coordinator

Jessie Gunner

SNS Family Services Manager

Julie Hunter

Regional Crisis Youth Intervention Worker

Julie Wesley

Crisis Intervention Youth Worker

Kane Alisappi

Traditional Healing Program Coordinator

Kane Faries

Traditional Healer

Keri Etherington

Program Assistant

Lillian Moore-Faries

Traditional Healer

Lisa Wesley

Traditional Healer Coordinator

Lucille Uiselt

Financial Controller

Marley Kapashesit

Cordinated Services Planning Coordinator

Marsha Rickard

IT Technician

Nikki Innes

Junior Finance Officer

Roxanne Martin

Program Assistant

Ryan Corston-Vincent

Fire Keeper Patrol Worker

Samantha Hiebert

Privacy Officer

Sara-Jane Hunter

Patient Advocate

Serena Sutherland

Traditional Healing Administrative Assistant

Stacey Cress

Health and Wellness Manager

Summer Rickard

Mental Health and Addiction Worker

Tanya Small

Finance Administration - Travel

Terrence Hardisty

Regional Crisis Intervention Youth Worker/Trainer

Vanessa Uiselt

Clinical Assistant

Virginia Sutherland

Fire Keeper Patrol Coordinator

Health and Wellness Office Location

Timmins Elm Street Office

11 Elm Street North Timmins Ontario P4N 6A3