Employment and Training

Mushkegowuk Council Employment & Training Service (METS) has been in operation since 1997. METS administers Employment & Training funds for the First Nations communities comprising Mushkegowuk Council.

Employer Services

Financial assistance to assist in the delivery of a program. The Financial Assistance may cover wages for staff, mandatory employment related costs, overhead costs. This is a component of the Employability Improvement Program.


This component focuses on individuals by providing work experience and developmental learning experience to in-school individual during summer months. The over all purpose is to assist the individuals on preparing for their future entry into the labor market.

Workplace Based Training

To assist employers, including the self employed, through negotiated contributions to training, to meet their current or future skill needs and To retrain employees who’s skills have been made redundant through technological or market changes, or by legislative or regulatory change.

Services Available

  • Computer Access
  • EI Applications
  • Internet
  • Cover Letter & Resume Writing
  • Employment & Training Applications
  • Social Insurance Applications
  • Local Job Postings
  • Resource Materials

Targeted Wage Subsidy

Training and work experience Designed for specific Client (s) through the provision of training related costs, wage subsidizes and other specific costs to employers.

Employment and Training Team

Carol Turner

Community Development Officer


Clara Wheesk

Community Development Officer


Debbie Corston

Director of Employment & Training


Miranda Chookomolin

Program Assistant


Virginia Kamalatisit

Community Development Officer


Employment and Training Office Location

Moose Factory Office

P.O. Box 37012 Centre Road Moose Factory Ontario P0L 1W0