The education department of Mushkegowuk Council is an active, contributing and supporting participant in the aspirations and development of community’s quest for self-determination and self-government. We embrace and foster the concept of “sharing the responsibility” with local parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and leadership.

Omushkego Education Board of Directors

The Omushkego Education Board of Directors meet quarterly but have been meeting monthly since April 2020, one month after the World Health Organization declared a the spread of COVID-19 a world-wide pandemic.

The Board is Comprised of Education Directors from:

Attawapiskat First Nation Education Authority

Hishkoonikun Education Authority

Mundo Peetabeck Education Authority

Moose Cree Education Authority

Taykwa Tagamou Education Authority

Chapleau Cree First Nation

Missanabie Cree First Nation

Post-Secondary & Educational Assistance for Bill C31 and Bill C3

The objective of the post school program is to sponsor and support Bill C-31 and Bill C-3 students of Fort Albany and Kashechewan who have been accepted into a program of studies at a college or university. Financial assistance provided is subject to approval by the Omushkego Education Post-Secondary Counsellor and the availability of funds through Indigenous Services Canada (ISC).

Indigenous Teacher Education Program

In partnership with Faculty of Education, Queen’s University, students from the First Nations of Attawapiskat, Fort Albany, Kashechewan, and Moose Cree can earn their Bachelor of Education degrees without having to leave home or their employment. The first cohort commenced May 2021 with a completion date of July 2023, the second cohort began May 2022 with a completion date of July 2024.

Omushkego Education Student Success (OESS)

Mission: Student engagement and success through traditional education, values, language, and strategies.

Vision: Within a welcoming and nurturing learning environment students grow and thrive in their ability and desire to take ownership of their learning. They are engaged in their discoveries, and eager to come to school to pursue an education wholistically, where language and culture form the core of the curriculum.

Department Documents


Posted: October 13, 2022

Applicants who require sponsorship and students who have completed a program of study and require sponsorship at another level must apply for educational assistance by the deadlines enclosed in this document.

Education Team

Debbie Ross


Doug M. Cheechoo

Post-Secondary Counselor

Rosanne Kapashesit

Office Manager

Rose Blackned

Executive Assistant

Trudy Sailors

Administrative Assistant

Education Office Location

Moose Factory Office

P.O. Box 37012 Centre Road Moose Factory Ontario P0L 1W0